Parish Council Report - 1.6.2011

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The monthly Parish Council Meeting took place on 1st June, in the Sports Pavilion with 7 parishioners attending. Colin Groom was in the chair.

In public participation, Jack Moodie raised the issue of the placement of the new salt bin in Eastgate St. It was pointed out that the placement position on the gravelled area was that which had been agreed with the Engineer from Norfolk County Council Highways Department. Mr Moodie said that he would like to see it moved to the grassed area on the other side of the road, however it was pointed out that this was private land.

Apologies had been received from Mr Braybrook and PCSO Stone.

Community Speedwatch

Contrary to previous advice, all volunteers will be trained at the same time as the co-ordinator. An enquiry needs to be made regarding insurance for the volunteers when they are carrying out their work.

Land Management

Village Green – Another anonymous letter has been received by Mr Lowe stating "the complainant's small dog had been attacked by a larger dog on the Village Green and that she would like all dogs to be on leads on the Green". The difficulty for the Parish Council is enforcement of a leads order is essentially impossible and instead a number of Notices will be erected with a polite request asking owners to keep dogs under control whilst on the Village Green.

Cathedral Ruins – The Clerk had received an email from someone who had witnessed a couple of boys climbing over the Ruins, but unfortunately he did not wish to be involved further. Mark Tasker suggested that trying to talk to the individuals concerned, and getting them involved with the community could hopefully avoid passing the matter to the PCSO for further action, John Labouchere agreed to help.

A request was made to both Elmham News and the website to ask for information to be passed to Mark Tasker if further instances were seen, in order that the matter could be dealt with locally or passed to the PCSO if no other solution was possible.

A suggestion was made for Theatre and Music performance to be performed in the Ruins. A list of possible events is to be drawn up and put to English Heritage

Millennium Wood – is looking very good at the moment, there will be a need for some hedge trimming by the deer fence and this is to be looked at. There has been no further sighting in the wood of the Muntjac deer. The wood walk was very well attended and suggestions were made regarding planting wild daffodils among the trees as well as snowdrops and bluebells.

Street Lights

A couple of lights are on all the time and some are out, the appropriate authority is to be notified. The damaged light in Eastgate Street has not been replaced yet.

Highways, Trees & Footpaths

The working party from Highways & Community Rangers had cleared various Footpaths, gulleys and hedges around the village that were causing problems but they need to erect traffic lights (for safety) in order to finish the job – this has still to be arranged. Another appointment is due next week with the Highways Engineer to review the work so far.

The 30mph sign at the Worthing Turn needs moving as it blocks the view of the road and is potentially dangerous to road users, this will also be looked at next week.

Eastgate Steet Salt Bin – the place chosen was at the widest part of the land and would cause the least obstruction, it is on highways land but the problem is it keeps on moving!

Eastgate Street Road Dressing – the resurfacing has been completed, a letter was received asking if it was possible to strengthen the edges of the road and add area for parking, NCC say it is not possible but they will look later in the year.

Sign to Village Facilities

The Fund Raiser is too busy and will not be able to prepare a Lottery Fund application. A simpler line is to be looked at and another Awards for All application prepared in case it will be needed.

PCSO's report

In her absence the crime figures were read out by the clerk, North Elmham seems to 2nd behind Dereham for Anti Social behaviour. The meeting requested that the PCSO try and attend the next meeting if possible and also a request be made for higher visibility of a police presence. The WI meeting was mentioned and some of the difficulties that were explained were discussed i.e. the difficulty of enforcement of 20mph speed limits, the fact that "no ball game" notices had no legal standing and other similar problems

Playing Field

There has been another problem of anti social behaviour with youths (17-20) removing fencing around a newly grassed area; hopefully this has now been resolved. Jimmy Brown gave the meeting a précis of the maintenance schedule for the village.

Parish Plan

It was stated Peter Mr Wade-Martin that the completed plan had to be perceived as a community let item and not just one led by the Parish Council. It was suggested that a Public Meeting be held in the autumn. John Labouchere agreed and it was proposed that a joint group be set up to take the matter forward.

Holt Road Safety

It was reiterated that the Police would not as a rule prosecute for infringement of the 20mph speed limit as their equipment is not sensitive enough at low speeds and most motorists actually break the limit anyway which makes it unenforceable.

Annie Mary Smith Allotment Charity

Peter Wade-Martin read through a copy of the documents and it would appear, upon rereading, that the method of appointing Trustees to administer the Charity was incorrect. The will clearly implied that ALL Parish Councillors were Trustees and that any major decisions must be made by the full Parish Council. This was accepted by the meeting, along with the additional proviso that day-to-day decisions regarding management are dealt with by a sub group.

It was accepted that the prime purpose of the will was to let the land for allotment purposes with and remainder let out for the best rent obtainable, for the benefit of the village.

The next parcel of land due for renewal at Michaelmas is 4.25 acres off the Brisley Road and that notices be placed ASAP asking for additional allotment holders to come forward before the end of July – replies to Martin Phillips.

It was also agreed in principle that there would be no objection to the Community Smallholding members applying for this land and it being used collectively. There is also a need to get the dates when other tenancies fall due so that the situation can be better managed with complete transparency.


Future of Audit – It was confirmed that an Independent Auditor would be appointed by the County, there was some concern that, because of this, the Parish Council would not be forced to incur additional expenditure.


A cheque had been received for just over £1400 for the bottle bank collection, apparently one of the highest in the County.

Planning Applications

a. M. Jenson, Mill House, Worthing

Proposed Extension, replacement of existing application. No objections

b. C Newey, Primrose Cottage, Gt Heath Road, North Elmham

1st floor extension to rear & small ground floor extension to create WC. No objections

c. J Pennells, Annexe to The Willows, 57 Eastgat Street, North Elmham.

Annexe to be used as holiday accommodation. No objection

The meeting closed at 21:45.

Mike Wyatt