Parish Council Meeting - 3 September 2014

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North Elmham Parish Council Meeting – 3 September 2014

This is an independent report written on behalf of the Dereham Times Correspondent, Mike Wyatt, by Meg White. The official minutes are issued by the Clerk, Kevin Webb after they have been approved at the following meeting. They can be seen in the Post Office and will soon be back on the website at


There were 24 members of the public present and Peter Wade-Martins took the chair. Bill Borrett, Breckland and Norfolk County Councillor was also in attendance, with Mike Brennan, a senior Planning Officer from Breckland who was there to explain the District Council’s view on the Local Development Framework.

Public Participation

Mr Brennan explained the District Council’s aims and answered as many questions as he could. There was much discussion and all points raised were to be investigated with the public being urged to make their concerns known to the Planners. (A separate report of this discussion will be published in Elmham News).

Janet Woodhouse asked for a loan of £420 so that a booklet she has produced on the Fallen of both World Wars from North Elmham, can be printed by Larks Press. The money would be repaid after the sale of the booklets.

Apologies/ Resignations

Norman Clarke had resigned after the last meeting; he would be missed. The 

vacancy would be published. If 10 parishioners applied, in writing, to the District Council asking for an election to be held, then there would have to be an election; otherwise the Parish Council has the power to co opt a new member. Volunteers wanted!


Matters Arising

Following on from a question about the Community Plan, in order to dispel more misunderstandings, Elmham News website- now carries all three stages of the Plan: a) raw data that was collected b) the Stage 1 Analysis and c) Final publish report.

Land Management

Cathedral Ruins

All areas of the moat have been cut and a diseased tree trimmed but a 10m stump has been left to accommodate wildlife.

Bridleway on disused railway line

Dates were chosen to facilitate a meeting between the new County Council officer in charge of footpaths with Bill Borrett, the Chairman and Ann Keeble.

Street Lights

It was agreed to pay the labour costs for Light 74 which had to be replaced.

Highway Matters

John Labouchere will check again regarding the low hanging telephone cables on Brisley Road; Bob Fletcher will check again re stones on the road and ask about gullies being cleaned out before the winter.

The accident at the Kings Head Corner and Rostrevor was being investigated and it is hoped that the road signs will soon be replaced.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The Kickwall quote has been received for £898 + VAT, Debbie Warner is waiting for a reply on the technical details from ROSPA before going ahead.

The future of the Bottle Banks is uncertain as Breckland have announced that glass may be put into the household recycling bins sometime in the future. As it earns the village quite a good sum of money, householders are asked to carry on using the glass bins at the Playing Field for the time being.

Ivy is causing a serious problem on the opposite side of the wall at the end of the Playing Field and Mr Don is to be informed about the state of his side of the wall.

Sale of Parish Pits

The estate agents were asking a huge amount to negotiate the sale of the pits when all they were asked to do was give advice on the probable values.

Section 106 agreement monies

It was confirmed that all £1800 had been allocated to the Play Equipment Fund.

Play Equipment Fund

It was reported that fundraising is going ahead and the main thrust will be a Family Fun Day on September 13th on the Village Green from 2pm until dusk; a Quiz at the Kings Head on Sept 8th and a Quiz at The Railway on Sept 20th. A Parish Council Team was suggested.

Community Hall Working Group

A report had been circulated by the group’s Chairman, Jennie Borgnis and a vote was necessary to choose a valuer. Crusoes were chosen. Plandecil were chosen to undertake the topographical survey.

As it takes quite a long time to change, it was suggested that representation to NCC was made so that the 30 mph restriction near the King’s Head on Station Road could be moved to accommodate the possible new entrance for the Community Hall.

A visit to see the new hall at South Creake was to be on 9th November at 2pm.

Accounts for Payment

Accounts were presented and approved.

Planning Applications

  1. Mr & Mrs Luckett, 73 Eastgate Street, proposed extension to dwelling (3PL/2014/0835/F)       Approved
  2. Mrs S Graves, 58a Eastgate Street – new cart-shed, garage and store (3PL/2014/0827/F)       P Council to visit site
  3. Mr R Garrod, 54 Eastgate Street, new cart-shed, triple garage and store (3PL/2014/0828/F)   P Council to visit site
  4. Mr & Mrs G Mark – demolish Brookside Farm, residential development, new access, inc parking for adjacent school and the public (3PL/2014/0666/O- outline. It was agreed to ask for a month’s deferment so that further discussions could take place. After talking to the Planning Officer, it is clear that whilst the owner can show a car park for use by the village, once he has sold the land, the developer is under no obligation to actually build the car park. The Chairman and Vice Chairman will talk to the owner.

Date of next meeting: October 8th – please note change of date.