Parish Council Report 7th January 2015

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The meeting was held as usual in the Pavilion with Martin Phillips in the Chair. There were 3 members of the public present and Bill Borrett, the District and County Councillor.

Public Participation

Janet Woodhouse reminded the Council, that at the last election, Elmham News had run resume profiles of all candidates and asked what the closing dates were for the next elections. She also told the meeting that people had been in touch regarding rumors about the disbanding of the Community Hall Working Group and asked whether the Group had disbanded and if so what the future plans were. Martin Phillips confirmed that the Group had disbanded and that it was hoped to start to get another group together later in the meeting. Susanna Wade-Martins said that there were a number of things in the last Elmham News that she would like to correct especially with regard to rumours, however it appeared that it was less of a correction and more of an additional rumour regarding planning permission on the field – this is completely and utterly untrue. The rumour regarding withdrawal of the offer is also incorrect although the matter is on hold at the moment. Peter and Susanna Wade-Martins are committed to the project provided that it can be demonstrated that there is the capability within the village to manage all aspects of the project. It was suggested that the best way may be to set up a new village charity specifically for the purpose and donate the land to that charity and a number of reasons as to why this could be beneficial were mentioned. It was mentioned that donated land cannot be part of match funding but sales of existing land could be. There was then mention of position of letters of intent for Lottery Funding and the fact that it was not needed until Stage 2 (no mention was made of the Sport England requirement). It was then said that the Parish Plan did not demonstrate community approval as it was too old, it was pointed out to Mrs. Wade-Martins that a new survey of existing groups was on the point of being sent out when the previous committee stood down and that the distillation of these replies would have been sent to the Architect to draw up new proposals which would in turn have been presented to a full Public Meeting. Mrs. Wade-Martins then said that regarding South Creake’s assertation that lottery funding could not progress unless the land was owned was incorrect as apparently different rules apply to a gift.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted

Matters Arising

Community Speeedwatch

An official quote is being obtained to attach to the grant application.

Land Management

Cathedral Meadows

A meeting with Natural England discussed the matter of scrub clearance and they were going to contact English Heritage to get their views. A claim has been made for funds toward the fencing.

Millennium Wood

Lower branches on trees were cut back last year but it will need more done this year to keep the area under control. Moles are becoming a real problem at the moment and Tom Fitzallen Howard recommended the person that looks after the problem in Elmham Park.

Bridleway on disused railway line

The electric fence has still not been put in place and the wet weather is starting to make the path difficult to use on foot.

Street Lights

T T Jones has still not been in touch regarding the new light in Larch Grove. No’s 54 and 68 are permanently on and need attention; No 43 needs adjustment to the position of the head.

Highway Matters

The BT cables have still not been attended to. The position regarding the demolished bollard at the surgery is still unknown and the churchyard wall repair will be started shortly.

Pavilion and Playing Field

Debbie Warner now has the plan for the football wall ready for submission. The bottle banks have been emptied and are also being regularly used.


The theft of £2500 worth of Haras fencing, tools, feed, water containers etc. from the Community Smallholding on the late evening of New Years Day was reported.

Play equipment & Car Park

Another £400 has been raised from quiz’s etc. and there is a meeting next week with Norfolk Playing Fields Association Grants Committee and also more funding may be made available by Breckland. The lottery bid will hopefully be confirmed later in the month and work is hoped to start March-April.

Steps from Institute to burial ground

An application has been made for grant funding by the PCC, it is also hoped to include a lobby space for the green bin as well in the scheme to avoid it blocking the pavement.

Budget for 2015/16

The budget submission has been made to Breckland.

Detailed Information Map for Village

The original maps have not been found yet and it was suggested it might be easier to start from scratch. The map in Millennium Wood has also been taken down, as the Perspex needs replacing. The map in the Pavilion Car Park is almost unreadable.

Community Hall Working Group

Martin Phillips explained the position that had been reached and some volunteers, Tom Fitzalan Howard, Jim Heffernan and Colin Smith were forthcoming to look at how this could be taken forward.


Jimmy Brown asked if an item could be put in Elmham News to see if there were a few volunteers within the Parish who would like to donate occasional time to undertake some of the odd jobs like leaf raking, painting etc. that were necessary from time to time.

Accounts for Payment were accepted

Planning & Determinations

There were no planning applications and just one determination: Mr & Mrs. M Gower, Two Hoots, Great Heath Road, North Elmham – proposed single storey side extension- permission granted.

Next Meeting 4th February 2015