Parish Council Report 4th March 2015

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This is an independent report written by the stand- in Dereham Times Correspondent, Meg White. The official minutes are issued by the Clerk, Kevin Webb after they have been approved at the following meeting. They can be seen in the Post Office and on the website at

The Chairman, Martin Phillips welcomed the 5 members of the public before reminding everyone that the DT representative was not a member of the Parish Council.

Public Participation:

Mr Peter Howell apologised for the damaged caused by one of his contactors to the pond at Broom Green. The matter will be put right as all individuals were insured. He then queried the cost of the repairs to the graveyard steps being down to the Parish Council but was assured by the Chairman that many parishioners had complained about the danger and that the matter was now in hand and a grant had been applied for.

Mr Howell apologised for his much earlier remarks to Mr Brown, who accepted his apology.

Matters Arising:

Cathedral Ruins
English Heritage have allocated £10,000 in next year's budget for the strengthening of the area that had concerned the Parish Council and need a risk assessment of the area.

Cathedral Meadows
Estimate to clear scrub etc in the outer moat was accepted as it needs to be

done before the nesting time.
Mr Fish had queried his rent and Chairman had agreed to charge the same as last year provided there are no agricultural changes.
Our agreement with English Heritage, now it has been divided, will be with English Heritage Trust and not Historic England.

Broom Green
A 44 ton lorry had unfortunately crushed the outfall and pipe of the pond and blocked it. The matter was being dealt with by E Howell and Sons Machinery.
A letter from a resident complaining of high speeds of traffic was discussed and the Highways Agency will advise traffic of the vicinity of Broom Green. Mr Brown pointed out that, contrary to public belief, there is no weight restriction on Guist Bridge and therefore no advisory warning signs.

Street Lights
Still awaiting for UK Power Network to sort out 2 street lights.

Konect Bus Company have offered to increase services to the village but need the support of the Parish Council, which was duly given after discussion.

Parish Pits
Both contracts have been signed and hopefully completion is imminent.

Community Hall Working Group
Jim Heffernan reported on a recent meeting and the minutes have been issued to all Councillors.
During discussion, options were raised but it seems that the involvement of the Cricket Club is crucial and the need for a formal meeting with them is essential. Nothing will be done until after the May Elections and the council members known.

Basically, there would be a new not for profit charity set up. The excellent work of the previous committee would be built upon and put to good use. There would be a representative group of Trustees including the donor of the land and a small management team who would report directly to the Trustees.

Funding would be sought and once secured, the land would be transferred to the Charity, managed by the Parish Council and then leased back to the Trustees.

Play Equipment Fund
A total of £45,000 had been raised since January 2014. The money from the Lottery was in the bank and the deposit paid to the contractors. They intend to start in earnest on 14 April and the opening of the play area will be in early May.

Community Smallholding
Following the recent burglary, NECS were asking permission to have a metal container on the smallholding to store essential equipment. Councillors would check the site before giving the go ahead.

Community Volunteers
Jimmy Brown was pleased to report that a total of 7 people had come forward.

Forthcoming Election
Elmham News would like a piece (maximum of 150 words) from each prospective candidate outlining their thoughts and ambitions for the community before 14th April please.
The Clerk distributed application forms and information to all councillors, reminding them that the forms had to be returned by hand to Breckland before 4 pm on 9 April.

Planning Application
Mr & Mrs M Goff, Great Wood Cottage North Elmham 3PL(2015/0082/F Demolish part of existing house and outbuildings, alterations and extension to original retained cottage. No objections.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 1 April at 7.30pm