Parish Council Report October 2014

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North Elmham Parish Council Meeting – 8 October 2014

This is an independent report written on behalf of the Dereham Times Correspondent, Mike Wyatt, by Meg White. The official minutes are issued by the Clerk, Kevin Webb after they have been approved at the following meeting. They can be seen in the Post Office and will soon be back on the website at

There were 5 members of the public present and Peter Wade-Martins took the chair.

Public Participation
The Chairman announced that there would be no discussion regarding the possible Brookside development under Planning Applications at this meeting as the applicants had asked leave to give further thought to the whole matter.
Mr Howell brought up several matters, mostly in such objectionable terms that he was asked to leave the meeting, yet again.
Matters Arising

Community Speed Watch

New volunteers are desperately needed and any possible should initially contact Bob Fletcher on 01362 668514. There is a grant available at the moment to allow parishes to purchase a SAM sign (Speed Awareness Monitor). It was agreed to delay the decision until November when current finances will have been closely examined. It was felt it would be a good step forward as more people take notice of the actual speeds recorded by the SAM.

Land Management

A new plastic dog bin would be purchased to replace the one on Oak Avenue.

Cathedral Ruins

A meeting with English Heritage including a structural engineer was scheduled for Friday 10th October to inspect the high parts of the wall.

Broom Green

John Labouchere had met with residents and Mr Cook. The dense weed on the pond had been sprayed to remove it and they were waiting to see the results before possibly tackling the reeds. The willows on the bank are to be removed and Mr Cook is prepared to do this.

Millenium Wood

Hedges here need clearing of brambles etc. Bob Fletcher will investigate hiring a small tractor to do this. John Labouchere would supply the name of someone with one for hire.

Bridleway on disused railway line

The meeting with Mr Winnett, Footpath Officer and relevant councillors took place and they walked the whole of the bridleway. He will talk to Mr Howell regarding a solution to the state of the path in wintertime.

Street Lights

It appears that not all residents of Larch Grove were consulted about the need for a new street light. It was agreed that all residents would receive a questionnaire and the answers consulted before a decision is made.

Highway Matters

The Chairman will check regarding the low hanging telephone cables on Brisley Road; Bob Fletcher will ask about gullies being cleaned out before the winter.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The grant for the Kickwall has been received. Repainting on the bus shelter and pavilion has been completed.The future of the Bottle Banks is still uncertain as Breckland have announced that glass may be put into the household recycling bins sometime in the future. As it earns the village quite a good sum of money, householders are asked to carry on using the glass bins at the Playing Field for the time being.The letter re the ivy on the opposite side of the boundary wall has been retracted. The Cricket Club was happy to have an increase of 10% on the hiring fee.

Sale of Parish Pits

The sale had been advertised and some sealed bids have been received which will be processed in due course.

Youth Council

The youngsters are meeting fortnightly and the numbers are encouraging.

Play Equipment Fund

It was reported that fundraising is going well. The Family Fun Day raised over £2200, King's Head monthly quiz had raised £70, the Railway Quiz had produced an excellent £200 and the Bingo a splendid £400. The Geoffrey Watling Trust had sent £2000 so the fund was slowly building up. The answer regarding the main grant from the Lottery had not been processed yet.

Community Hall Working Group

The valuer's visit and the topographical survey would take place shortly and should be in by 31 October when an architect's brief would be prepared in due course for discussion by the Parish Council.
A letter had been received from the Trustees of the Eastgate Centre saying that they were fully supportive of the valuation and sale of the Centre. The Trustees of the Memorial Institute had also indicated their agreement to do the same.
A visit to see the new hall at South Creake was to be on 9th November at 2pm.

Community Smallholding

Allotment rents are due for renewal and after discussion, the smallholding representatives were happy to relinquish 2.25.

Accounts for Payment

Accounts were presented and approved.

Planning Applications

Mr & Mrs P Watson, 56a Eastgate Street – proposed side extension to add floor over enlarged garage and rear single-storey living room. (3PL/2014/0996/F)
Mr N Garrod, 78 Eastgate Street – single storey rear garden room extension and alterations and extension of front porch (3PL/2014/1014/F)
1. Mr P Lambert, 40 Eastgate Street (3PL/2014/0366/F) conversion of existing barn. Planning permission granted
2. Mr & Mrs Luckett, 73 Eastgate Street, proposed extension to dwelling (3PL/2014/0835/F) Planning permission granted
3. Mrs S Graves, 58a Eastgate Street – new cart-shed, garage and store (3PL/2014/0827/F) Planning permission granted
4. Mr R Garrod, 54 Eastgate Street, new cart-shed, triple garage and store (3PL/2014/0828/F) Planning permission granted
5. Mr & Mrs D Nockells – Podshole – demolish rear additions and erect two storey to rear. Erect garage and workshop. Planning permission granted

Mr Labouchere wished to ask that the problem of the steps leading to the burial ground, near the Institute, be added to next month's agenda.
The Treasurer reminded everyone to check their areas of responsibility for spending requirements for the coming year, as the Budget is set at the November meeting.
Date of next meeting: November 5th at 7.30 pm