North Elmham Parish Council Meeting of the Parish Council – 3th June 2015

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Ten Parish Councillors were present with apologies from Tom Fitzalan Howard. Gordon Bambridge ( Chairman of Breckland Council) and Bill Borrett, the County and District Councillor were also present together with the Clerk, the correspondent and 7 members of the public .
Because they had to visit other meetings, Gordon Bambridge and Bill Borrett both gave their apologies, before Public Participation, for not making the Annual Meeting but assured the Council that they were both committed to do all they could to support the councillors. The new system had caused these 2 District Councillors to be responsible for North Elmham and 14 other villages. They would do their best to attend as many meetings as they could. They both wished to be kept informed of any plans or problems that they could help with.

Public Participation

1. Mike Wyatt raised the point that the Cricket Club were anxious to point out that they had not wanted to move from the present pitch. It had been suggested to them that it might be advantageous to move to Kings Head Meadows as there would be more room.
Jennie Borgnis, as Chairman of the now defunct Village Hall Working Group confirmed this and the Parish Council Chairman, Martin Phillips pointed out that it was necessary to draw a line under all previous discussions and that the new Working Group would be starting from Scratch.

2. Mrs Marian Brown reported that she had found signs of Ash Dieback in the Millennium Wood and had accompanied John Labouchere to check on the situation. It was agreed that a policy should be formulated to deal with such outbreaks and Peter Wade Martins, who had experience of this, suggested that

the trees/saplings should be cut down below the infection and the trees monitored closely. He had photographs showing Ash Dieback, should anyone want to see what it looked like.

Matters arising

Community Speedwatch

The new SAM sign is expected in the next two weeks.

Land Management

Broom Green

The first spraying of the New Zealand weed in the pond had been done, apparently with good results.


A meeting had been set between NCC, the Parish Council and the landowner later in June.

Village Green

The updating of signs regarding dogs would be carried out with the help of Breckland's Dog Warden.

Street Lights

TT Jones would be asked to help produce a survey of dark spots and to see if the attitude of certain lights could be adjusted. The need for a contract with the company would be investigated in order to save money on maintenance.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The grant money for the Kickwall has been received and the work will be put in hand as soon as possible.

Community Hall Working Group

The new Working Group was to produce terms of reference but the main aim was to provide a new Village Hall.

Play Equipment

The erection of the new fence had been delayed but had been started this morning.
We had been unsuccessful in receiving a grant from the Aviva Fund but there was a slight possibility that we might qualify for a lesser grant. Some 4 million votes had been cast on behalf of many projects. We had 736.

Planning Applications

1. Mr & Mrs Grainger, 62 Holt Road, North Elmham. (3PL/2015/0564/F) – Mixed use – erection of pair of semi-detached houses; convert dwelling to 2 flats and convert/extend outbuildings to offices. Councillors were concerned that Highways had not yet commented on the access which they thought would prove a safety issue.
2 Mr M Tasker, 59a Caravan, Eastgate Street, North Elmham (3PL/2015/0468/F) – erection of new dwelling. There were no objections.


Mr &Mrs T Winterbourne, Snail Cottage, 97 Eastgate Street, North Elmham (3PL/2015/0468F) Demolish single storey rear extension and construct two storey rear extension. Permission granted.

1 A letter regarding a car at Broom Green was noted but the Parish Council have no jurisdiction over that area.
2 A letter from a resident of Eastgate Street complaining about the zip wire would be dealt with by the Village Green Management Group.
Two other letters (one from Mr Peter Howell's solicitor and one from the Cricket Club Chairman) had been received too late to be included for discussion.

Date of next meeting
The next meeting will be on Wednesday 1 July at 7.30pm in the Pavilion.