North Elmham Parish Council Report Wednesday 5 August 2015

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Present were 9 members of the Parish Council plus Gordon Bambridge, District Councillor, the Clerk and 7 members of the public.
Apologies were received from Tom Fitzalan Howard and Jim Heffernan (who was unwell and haa been granted a leave of absence until he felt able to resume his duties.) He sent his thanks for all the cards and support he had been given.

Public Participation.

Mr Howell contested the premise that he and his son had been informed of a meeting with Norfolk County Council and the Parish Council. The Clerk said that he had been told that all parties had been informed of the meeting by Norfolk County Council's Mr Winnett.
After much discussion, it was agreed to set up another meeting regarding the fencing of the bridleway with all parties because this problem has been going on for many years.
Mr Howell offered criticisms of the Play Area and noticeboards and was told that the Parish Council were complying with the suggestions of ROSPA and were not able to comment on the workings of other parish councils.
The new owners of Elmlea House in Eastgate Street wished to strongly object to the planning application for 10 dwellings adjacent to their property. Mr Bambridge advised them to write to Breckland with their concerns.

Dog Warden

Michael Gardener, the Dog Warden has given the following phone numbers for people to contact him regarding Dog Fouling: 01362 858500 if you wish to speak to him and 07771 617417 if you wish to leave a confidential report or send a text.
He will visit the Village Green on a regular basis but needs information from

the public if anything is to be done about irresponsible dog walkers.

Cathedral Ruins

The moat needs to be cut by the remote mowers very soon. Ann Keeble will organise.

Land Management

The 3 trees with Ash dieback in the Millennium Wood will be dealt with and John Labouchere has sprayed the weeds and thistles in the newly planted area. He feels that it is necessary to engage a professional sprayer on a regular basis to keep them under control. It was agreed to find someone. It is also time to consider thinning the Millennium Wood.
The cost for a new information sign for the Millennium Wood will be researched by Peter Wade Martins.

Bridleway on disused railway line

Mr Winnett of NCC is in the process of costing a fence to keep cattle off the bridleway which would be split equally between NCC, the Parish Council and the landowner.

Street lights

A report and map had been prepared as requested but there needs to be further discussion re an exchange of the situation of some lights and a maintenance contract needs organising.

Highway Matters

The Rangers under Richard Fletcher (NCC Highways) were doing sterling work with verges etc and consideration was to be given to the path from the King's Head corner to the allotments to make it safer.
ROSPA report re play equipment on the Playing Field near Pavilion
Since the Parish Council is responsible for the safety of equipment both on the Village Green and the Playing Field, Peter Wade Martins proposed that the old equipment was removed and scrapped as soon as quotes had been received. All were in favour with one abstention.

Bottle Banks

Berryman Glass Recycling are still paying us for the glass in the bins and though the tonnage has been reduced somewhat because villagers are putting glass into their black bins, the council has received in excess of £1000. Villagers are to be asked please to continue using the bottle banks until Breckland actually change their plans.


Allotment rents should be paid on 9 October from 6.30pm in the pavilion. Please note, there will be some allotments available to rent.

Steps from Institute to burial ground

These will soon be done as handrails have now been sourced.

County Councillor's report

He had spoken to the Dog Warden and also suggested to Serco that they keep an eye on dog fouling on the Village Green.
He gave a brief report on the issues surrounding Billingford Lakes and said there was an Open Day on Aug 14th and 15th for members of the public to go and find out about their plans.

Community Hall Working Group

Colin MacEwan reported that he and his group had met with the stakeholders/trustees of the Memorial Hall and the Eastgate Centre to discuss with them their feelings regarding the proposal that a new Community Hall be built. After talking to them, he felt that their thoughts of some time ago had changed somewhat and there was not the energy or commitment on their part to start such a long and time consuming project.
There was one more meeting for the working group to discuss progress/ present position before decisions could be made and all the pros and cons would be fully and openly discussed at Parish Council.

Institute/Broom Green Bowls Club

They were asking for assistance as their membership was depleted. The Chairman proposed to meet with them and to discuss their needs.

Planning Applications

Land adjacent to Caberfeidh, Pump Street, North Elmham. Construction of 4 dwellings with garaging (3PL/2015/0783F) Objections as it is outside the village envelope.
Foxburrow Farm, North Elmham – erection of agricultural building (3PL/2015/0798/F) No objections
Spong Farm, Dereham Road, North Elmham – retention of 2 bedroom caravan (3PL/2015/0431/F) No objections
Vicarage Farm Barns, Church Lane, North Elmham – convert barns to 3, 3 bed dwellings, re- roof outbuilding, and new access and demolish bldg. and timber and metal sheet structures (3PL/2015/0694/F and 0695/CC) No objections.
It had been proposed earlier that the Parish Council ask Norfolk Property Services (part of NCC) to give Church Lane to the parish especially as the Car park outside the Chapel Ruins is registered common land.
Eastgate Street, North Elmham – erection of 10 dwellings (3PL2015/0823/F) Objections as it is outside the village envelope.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 3 September, 7.30 pm in the Pavilion