North Elmham Parish Council Report Wednesday 2 September 2015

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Present were 10 members of the Parish Council, the Clerk and 6 members of the public.

Public Participation.

Mrs Coull reminded everyone that there was to be a Family Fun Day on 19 September on the Village Green to continue raising funds for the Play Area.
Apologies were received from Jim Heffernan who has resigned because of ill health. Everyone was sad to see him go but were very appreciative of all the hard work and commitment he had shown as a Parish Councillor especially in the area of the Play Equipment Project which he led. Good wishes were expressed for his future.

Matters arising from the Minutes


Jim Heffernan's responsibilities would be shared out and a new list published. Colin MacEwan offered to serve as a Trustee of the Eastgate Centre. Peter Wade Martins would be the liaison with the Mid Norfolk Railway.

Declarations of Interest

Colin MacEwan declared an interest in the Brookside Farm development and John Labouchere had interests in land outside the village envelope.

Cathedral Ruins

The moat has been cut. There were acts of vandalism recently when notice boards were ripped out. English Heritage would be informed about replacements. They would be reminded that the important work programmed for earlier in the year has not been done.

Land Management

8 trees with Ash dieback in the Millennium Wood have been removed; John Labouchere

has sprayed more weeds and thistles. The cost for a new information sign for the Millennium Wood was found by Peter Wade Martins and came in at £2500.The Council decided to keep looking and wait to see if other signs are needed and then to find a grant if possible.

Prince William Wood will also be checked for Ash dieback.

Bridleway on disused railway line

Mr Winnett of NCC has costed a fence to keep cattle off the bridleway which would be split equally between NCC, the Parish Council and the landowner. This came in at approximately £16,000 with possibly an extra £2000, if the trees need to be trimmed. An alternative option was that Norfolk County Council will monitor the state of the bridleway throughout the autumn and winter and deal with it, as necessary through a 134/137 Highways legislation. Mr Howell and his son will be informed.

Street lights

No 9 light has disappeared. It appears that when the post was replaced, the light was not. Tom Fitzalan Howard will investigate. The Council needs to rationalise the contract re lights and perhaps only call out the contractors when there are several that need to be dealt with.

Highway Matters

Unkempt verges had been trimmed and sprayed. Pot holes were being monitored on pavements.

Clothes Bank at Pavilion

Parishioners are asked to only insert small bags of clothes into the bank as the opening is easily clogged.

Old play equipment on the Playing Field near Pavilion

A verbal estimate was received for removing the equipment and clearing the site except for the Camel, which will be returned to John Labouchere. It was agreed to accept this and the work to go ahead.


John Labouchere and Debbie Warner are working on an all-inclusive map of the parish with Mike Wyatt. They are waiting for the completion of the Fibre Optic Broadband roll out so that the task would be made so much easier. They would bring a draft to a Council Meeting as soon as they had one.

Community Hall Working Group

The Institute Trustees were having a meeting later in the month which Colin MacEwan, Colin Smith and Peter Wade-Martins would attend before offering their report.

Church Lane Ownership

This had been discussed briefly at the last meeting and since then NCC had reported that the section from High Street to where the proposed new buildings are to be, has no owner. The County Council owns the lane from Vicarage Farm to the corner and then the Church and Townlands Charity owns the rest. It was still agreed to ask the County Council to transfer the ownership for the part of the lane they do own.


Peter Wade-Martins offered to take on this project.

North Elmham Village Website

Peter Wade-Martins had comments to make about this website, which is owned and run by Elmham News. After a spot poll, it appeared that the majority of Councillors do not use it. Elmham News agreed to take a look at his comments.

Future Planning

Jimmy Brown brought up his strongly held view that the village should be allowed to grow or it will stagnate. However, there are plans from Breckland to start a new 4 year plan this autumn when all villages will be given the opportunity to express their views before decisions are made.
Mr Gordon Bambridge, our District Councillor and Chairman of Breckland Council will be coming to the Council Meeting on Wednesday 7 October to explain the procedures and to answer questions from the Parish Council.
The Council had been asked to give him an idea of how they felt and the following was agreed.
"The Parish Council is prepared to be receptive with regard to future planning, subject to public consultation."

Planning Applications

Mr & Mrs G Mark – proposed demolition of Brookside Farm, new revised access, community car parking owned by the Parish Council – Brookside Farm, Holt Road, North Elmham- (3PL/2015/0919/0)
In order to safeguard the proposed community car parking to be given to the Parish Council, a list of watertight conditions had been sent to the agent acting for Mr & Mrs Mark and to Breckland Council so that the requirements of the Parish Council are sewn up tightly for the benefit of the parish.
George J Goff Ltd – stop up access onto B1110 and create new access- Elmham Lodge, Foxburrow Farm, North Elmham –(3PL/2015/0893/F) No objection
Mr & Mrs G K Lotis – demolish bungalow and erection of dwelling at Swanton Morley Road, Hoe – (3PL/2015/0904/F) No comments.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 7October, 7.30 pm in the Pavilion