North Elmham Parish Council Report – 7th October 2015

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There were 14 members of the public present and Martin Phillips chaired the meeting.

Public Participation

It was reported that about 15 trees were showing early signs of Ash dieback in Prince William Wood and 25 trees in Millennium Wood were also exhibiting signs as well. It was suggested that all of the affected trees be felled and burnt in the next 2 years and contractors will be asked for tenders.
A vote of thanks was given by Caroline Payne for the work done in Prince William Wood by the PC and the volunteers.
Caroline Payne, Norman Lowe and Anne Ketteringham asked questions about future development in the village bearing in mind what parishioners felt in the Parish Plan regarding future planning and it was also mentioned that 73 new properties are to potentially be built in the village.
Gordon Bambridge, Breckland's Chairman and our District Councillor, was invited to speak about the Local Plan and he said that everyone would be able to take part in the 6-week consultation period and that Elmham would likely have pressure

put upon it for future building and expansion. The Planners, he said, could be invited to come and talk to the PC and Parishioners and that 15 or 16 villages would be expected to have a large number of new buildings. The builders would pay for infrastructure development from their profits. It was asked if it is necessary to extend the village boundaries and the Chairman replied that it would be up to the village to decide.

Matters Arising

Land Matters

Cathedral Ruins

Notice boards that had been damaged have been repaired and put back up in time for the Heritage Day. English Heritage have no record of repairs that are due in the ruins, although Ann Keeble had sent this information. Peter Wade-Martins said that repairs should have been done this summer and the engineers are to report. Thanks were given to John Labouchere and helpers for the Heritage Day.

Broom Green

John Labouchere had been in touch with Mr Goldstein and the digging out of the weed will be done.

Millennium Wood

John Labouchere to organise the removal of trees with Ash dieback. There is also a need to remove 20% of the timber in the wood.

Bridleway on disused railway line

Another site visit is to be arranged and an update on the condition is needed, now that the weather is wetter.

Prince William Wood

Some complaints had been received about the clearance work. Jimmy Brown asked if the council should carry on with the work or let it revert to what was there before. Peter Wade-Martins said it needed a more equal mix of wild and mown areas. Jimmy Brown read out a letter that was to be published in Elmham News regarding litter.

Street Lights

The 2 lights that had disappeared have been tracked down to a contractor who removed then and he is expected to replace them. There are 105 lights in total, details were read out regarding costs of maintenance and a contractor was agreed.

Highway Matters

A survey has now been done and potholes marked on map and sent to the County. The pavement survey has still to be done. A footpath from the Kings Head to the allotments is to be pursued. The gullys on Holt Road need cleaning out to stop flooding.

Eastgate Centre

The new fence has been put in place and repairs to the brickwork have been completed and redecoration has also taken place.

Pavilion and Playing Field

There has been a problem with the removal of the old play area as the quantity of concrete and steel will require a skip which had not originally been allowed for, as well as a digger to do the actual heavy work. Costs are to be prepared but there is money allocated for this in the budget. The new Football kickwall is now in place and ROSPA are to be notified.

Dog Fouling

The dog warden has been contacted and is due to visit.


Rents are due and there will be some spare plots, which will be advertised. A notice is to be prepared to increase rents for the future from £8 to £10 for next year.


This will need a replacement battery. Signs are to be obtained to notify of new position of equipment (when this is finalised). There is no particular training required to use the equipment although First Responders are the best idea. A decision is awaited from the Surgery with a fallback to thePavilion if the Surgery declines.

Steps to the burial ground

A quotation is being organized for construction of retaining walls.

Notice board for play area

This is required to carry appropriate safety information and the supply and install is to proceed.

Village Hall Group

Meetings have been held with the trustees of existing sites and the existing facilities are being looked at. Jennie Borgnis was worried that the proposal was going backward in many respects. Ann Keeble asked about feedback from the whole village although villagers have already made their views known on different occasions. John Labouchere suggested looking to see if there was any other suitable site and was it worth pursuing if the 2 current sites proved unsuitable.

Report from District Councillor

Gordon Bambridge explained about how he could be potentially representing both the Parish Council and Peter Howell on the same topic.

Elmham News web site

Peter Wade-Martins again brought up the matter of the web site and Mike Wyatt was invited to give a report from the floor. He said that the items that were missing from the official record were not there simply because they had not been sent by either the Chairman or the Parish Clerk and that it did not seem right that Elmham News should be criticised in a public forum for something that was not within it's control. For the future, good manners should dictate that the Editors and webmaster be consulted first about any misgivings as neither Elmham News or the website were anything to do with the Parish Council and publication of any data on their behalf was done entirely as a service to the community.

Planning Applications and Determinations


Mr. & Mrs. T George, alterations to dwelling – Ramsley Farm, Brisley Road, North Elmham
There were no objections


Mr M Tasker, erection of new dwelling – 59a Caravan, Eastgate Street, North Elmham. Permission granted
Mr B Johnson, retention of 2 bed caravan – Spong Farm, Dereham Road, North Elmham. Permission granted.


Martin Phillips said that councilors need to start considering next year's budget.
John Labouchere said that Bob Fletcher had asked about repairs to the seat on the car park near the Village Sign .
Gordon Bambridge announced a charity quiz and asked if Elmham would like to enter a team.

Date of next meeting 4th November 2015.