North Elmham Parish Council Report 2 December 2015

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This is an independent report written by the temporary Dereham Times Correspondent, Meg White. The official minutes are issued by the Clerk, Kevin Webb after they have been approved at the following meeting. They can be seen in the Post Office and will be on the website at
The Chairman, Martin Phillips chaired the meeting. All councillors were present with 6 members of the public and Mr Bambridge, District Councillor who arrived later.

Public Participation
Mr Derek Shoesmith brought up the question of dogs loose on the Village Green running up and jumping at people and asked if it was possible to ensure that all dogs were on leads. This lead to much discussion about byelaws etc and it was agreed to ask the Dog Warden for assistance.
He went on to ask about the allotments and the conditions attached to them. He was assured that provided there were not people in Elmham waiting for one and the rent charged was paid to the Parish Council, it was possible for people other than residents to have an allotment.
He mentioned a particularly prickly and overgrown hedge in

Eastgate Street that needs dealing with. It would be dealt with.
Mrs Marion Brown said that the drains on High Street were blocked and Jimmy Brown concurred and pointed out that most of the drains on Holt Road were the same. It seems to be down to the contractors who had last mended the roads. The covers had been asphalted over and need releasing so that the drains can be unblocked. It would be investigated.
She asked if there was a system in place to warn the public regarding scams etc and was referred to “Police Connect” where members of the public can sign up to receive information about what is happening in the area.
Mr Bob Dewing was bemused by the changes of street names pertaining to Pump Street and Holt Road. He was joined by everyone else but it seemed to be a District Council matter.
He asked about the whereabouts of the second pump that had served the residents of Pump Street for many years. Tom Fitzalan Howard agreed to try and find it.

Matters Arising

Land Matters

Millennium Wood

5 quotes had been received from contractors regarding the removal of trees affected by ash dieback. There followed much varied and lengthy discussion and after a vote, it was agreed to accept the quote for £3250 from Nick Saunders.

Street Lights

Payment for the missing lights will be received from contractors.

Pavilion and Playing Field

A new caretaker had been appointed. The volunteers had cleared the site of the old play equipment. It was agreed to dispose of the old piece of equipment quickly so that soil and turf could be laid.

Village Green

Signs would be put onto the new structure plus lists of donors, grants etc. Everything was now paid for.

Memorial Institute

Trustees had requested financial help with maintenance. Before making any decisions, members of the Parish Council would attend an Institute Committee Meeting on 11 January at 7.30 pm to talk to Trustees.

Vacancy for Parish Councillor

Mr Paul Grainger of The Shettles, Holt Road had offered himself as a candidate.

Report from District Councillor

The Planning Consultation regarding future planning and boundaries to be carried out by Breckland would start on 11 January and run to 22nd February 2016.There will be a Public Meeting in Dereham to allow Parish Councils and members of the public to question the Planners. The actual document will be accessible on line shortly.

Planning Applications and Determinations


Mr & Mrs Dipple, The Paddocks, Great Heath Road, North Elmham – demolish rear conservatory and erect single storey side extension and porch.3PL/2015/1362/F No objections


Date of next meeting 6th January 2015 at 7.30 pm.

Reminder that there is an OPEN PUBLIC MEETING on Thursday 21st January, 7.30pm in the Institute to discuss Future Planning.