North Elmham Parish Council Meeting – 3 February 2016

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This is an independent report written by the temporary Dereham Times Correspondent, Meg White. The official minutes are issued by the Clerk, Kevin Webb after they have been approved at the following meeting. They can be seen in the Post Office and will soon be back on the website at

The meeting took place in the Pavilion and there were 4 members of the public present in addition to Gordon Bambridge (Breckland Councillor). Martin Phillips chaired the meeting.

Public Participation

Janet Woodhouse reported, as promised, about the possibility of finding a grant in order to use the 2 defunct telephone boxes for alternative uses. It would appear that the Parish Council is the body to approach!

Marion Browne raised several questions on behalf of herself and Caroline Payne regarding matters discussed at the recent Open Meeting. She was referred back to the answers given at the meeting and reminded that at the Drop in meeting on 4 February, she could ask the Planners for their response to them. It was agreed that there were several anomalies on the printed questionnaire map but that was the one Breckland had published and perhaps could be queried

with the Planners.
Jimmy Brown said that Jim Heffernan had been moved to Lincoln House at Swanton Morley.
The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Matters Arising.


Bob Fletcher reported that because of lack of helpers, Speedwatch had been disbanded. It was agreed that the SAM sign was slowing down some traffic.

Land Management Matters

Village Green

The huge number of molehills would be tackled later, meanwhile the soil from them was being put to good use to help finish the old play equipment area on the Green Field.

Cathedral Ruins

Despite inspections and promises of repair for the high section of the wall from English Heritage, nothing had been done. Ann Keeble would try to personally contact them and obtain an answer as everyone felt it was a matter of public safety.

Millennium Wood

John Labouchere gave a comprehensive explanation from English Heritage and the Forestry Commission regarding the thinning and felling of trees in the wood. It was agreed that because of the wet conditions, that work should not start until the autumn.

Prince William Wood

It was agreed that the 4 heaps of wood trimmings (brash) should be left as they were since the children appeared to be enjoying making dens.

Street Lights

The two lamps have finally been replaced. There are an increasing number of lamps that appear to be on in the daytime.

Highway Matters

The Safe Route to School had been looked at and hopefully will be dealt with soon.
All street drains in the village will be pumped.
Peter Wade-Martins had finally received a quote from Highways to install a pathway from the King’s Head corner to the allotments for £2683. It was agreed to accept the quotation.
Some resurfacing will be carried out in Cathedral Drive.
Concerns were expressed about the volume of traffic and cars parking around the top of Cathedral Drive and along Holt Road at school times. It was agreed to talk to Highways again and the possibility of yellow lines was raised.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The Football Club wished to negotiate a reduction in fees for matches as they are not playing so many matches this season. Jimmy Brown will arrange to meet with them.

Community Defibrillator

Debbie Warner applied for funds to join the Village Emergency Telephone Service, a scheme which needs to recruit a team of around 10 volunteers who will be responsible for delivering the Defibrillator to where it is needed. She had 7 volunteers so far. The cost of joining the scheme would be £145.
The Defibrillator needs to be moved to the outside wall of one of the buildings at the Surgery, where it is more central and clearly visible from the road. There will be a cost of £283 + VAT (which is recoverable). It was unanimously agreed to supply the funds.


Jimmy Brown asked for funds to purchase a suitable strimmer which the volunteers can use. It was unanimously agreed as there had been money set aside for such a purpose.

District Councillors Report

Gordon Bambridge thanked everyone who attended the Open Meeting when about 120 people attended to listen to Iain Withington (Planning Policy Team Leader).
He reminded everyone about the Drop In meeting on the following day so they could raise their own concerns and that they should make their thoughts and problems onto the Breckland website in order for them to be considered.

Dogs on leads

There was discussion on the pros and cons of dogs having to be kept on leads. However, it was agreed to refurbish the signs reminding people that it is a legal requirement that dogs must be kept under control at all times. The situation would be monitored.

Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations Thursday 21 April 2016

It was decided to light our beacon in the chain of beacons that will be lit across the country. We will be given a specified time to light it. It was suggested that a “Sausage Sizzle” be organised to coincide with the lighting. Firm plans will be advertised in due course.

Mid Norfolk Railway Company

Peter Wade-Martins had a very useful meeting with the Chairman, Barry Wood, the Operations Manager, George Saville and the Marketing Manager, Charles Robinson. They explained their plans for the future which included the renovation of the line to Worthing Crossing and then into North Elmham with the final terminus being at County School. They need to find a station in North Elmham. Public safety, adequate car parking and an access route from the buffers to the public pathway will all be of high priority.

Planning Applications and Determinations

Mr & Mrs J Slade – single storey rear extension and alterations – 17 Cathedral Drive, North Elmham.3PL/2016/0010/F No objections
Mr Jon Pennells – erection of 4 houses – adjacent to 10/12 Larch Grove, North Elmham. 3PL/2015/1459/F No objections except on the grounds that the plan is outside the parish boundary.

Mr & Mrs Snow – 2 storey side extension, 1 Mill Cottages, Billingford Road, North Elmham 3PL/2015/1382/F Permission granted
Mr & Mrs Dibble, The Paddocks, Great Heath Road, North Elmham- demolish rear conservatory and erect single storey side extension and front porch. 3PL/2015/1362/F Permission granted


The Pavilion has been booked for Thursday 5 May for Police Commissioner Elections.
Date of next meeting – 2nd March 2016