Parish Council Report - November 2010

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The monthly meeting of the Parish Council took place in the Sports Pavilion on 3rd November, with Caroline Payne in the Chair.

Also attending were six parishioners. In public participation time the resident of number 11 Larch Grove said he wished to ask why the Parish Council had raised no objections to the amended design for plots 12 and 13 Larch Grove while the neighbouring residents had neither been informed nor consulted about the amendments. Chairman Mrs. Payne said that this would seem to be an omission on the part of Breckland Council planning department, as information was normally posted in the area before the planning application came up before the Council for consideration.  The Clerk was asked to write to Breckland about the matter.

Mrs. Linda Richmond gave an update on the Parish Plan.  The data had now been sorted and they were now working on a comprehensive report and action plan.

Mr. James Biggie was in attendance on behalf of the Tennis Club.  He had written to the Clerk and copies of this letter had been circulated to all councillors.  The main problem is that the Club has become a victim of its own success with a burgeoning membership and urgently needs more courts.  The question of availability of any suitable land was being asked.  The Chairman said that this matter was an agenda item and would be discussed further later in the evening.  The council meeting was then convened.


There has still been no definite decision that the scheme is to be cut and further information is awaited.


The Clerk had been informed that a new design team was working on the problem of access and hoped to report before the next council meeting.


Village Green: The sub committee will put forward a selection of dates when a meeting with Norfolk Property Services could take place. The committee members will reiterate their objections to any development on the Green.

Millennium Wood: It was mentioned that some types of dog are not able to negotiate the kissing gate entrance to the wood and also that seats more suitable for the elderly would be appreciated.


There are again several non functioning lights and it appears that there may be a new contractor dealing with repairs.  This will be investigated.


Several councillors commented on the new large road mirror on the Broom Green Road and wondered whether permission for its erection had been sought.  Councillor Brown commented on the large amount of surface water on the roads particularly near Rackham House and felt that the drains were not being properly cleared.  Water on the level crossing was again a problem after heavy rain.  These matters will be reported to the highways department.


Moles are now causing a great problem on the field, so much so that the football pitch is at times unplayable.  Eradication must be attempted urgently. A "No smoking" sign has been put up in the bus shelter.  The blue waste bin is not being emptied weekly, the reason will be sought.  Litter was very obvious in the village at the moment, but it was reported that the litter picker had recently been unable for health reasons to carry out his work.  It was hoped he will soon be back on the job.


The sub-committee was asked to obtain a workable design and quote from a local blacksmith.


There had been a very successful and enjoyable working day in the Bramley Orchard when a good start had been made on clearing and restoring the area.  Some rare breed black pigs have been purchased with the idea of running them in the orchard and on Old Hall Meadows to help with clearing the land.


The meeting was adjourned for the resident of number 11 Larch Grove to inform the council of problems with sewage disposal and flooding in the immediate area which he felt would only be exacerbated by further development..  Telephone calls to Anglian Water had frequently been made, but they were not helpful and would not accept liability. The Clerk was asked to write to Anglian Water asking for explanations and action.


Two salt bins have been purchased.  The proposed sites for these are next to the Eastgate Centre and opposite the former bakery.  These sites must be approved by the Highways Department.


Although this entrance had been constructed to County Council Specifications for access, a complaint had been received that it was inadequate for some mobility and child buggies.  A meeting will be arranged with the complainant to look at the situation.


The councillors were very much in sympathy with the predicament of the Club as explained in public participation time, but cannot at the moment see any solution in the immediate future for obtaining land for extra courts.


Information about  a "Sports Taster" Road  Show had been received and it was agreed that a representative should be invited to an independent meeting with councillors and existing sports club members to hear more of this venture.


(a)  Proposed extension and alterations to number 21 Eastgate Street.

A site meeting had been held as a result of which the Parish Council has made the decision to object to the plans on the grounds of overshadowing, loss of privacy and the overbearing nature of the design.

(b)  Middleton Developments Ltd  re. plots 12 and 13 Larch Grove.

Proposed amendment to approved plots.

Breckland Council will be asked to defer any decision on this application in the light of comments made by adjoining residents.  A new amended plan will be requested.