Parish Council Report February 2011

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The monthly Parish Council meeting took place in the Sports Pavilion with Caroline Payne in the Chair and four parishioners attending.

In public participation time, Mrs. Linda Richmond gave a brief update on the Parish Plan analysis which is hopefully nearing completion. Mrs. Susan Graves brought to the meeting her ideas for a Street Party to be held on April 29th to celebrate the Royal Wedding, and hoped that the Parish Council would support this idea. She felt that there was already a good response from young mothers in the village, but further views would need to be sought. It was envisaged that part of Eastgate Street could be closed off for the event, subject to the permission of the Highways Department of the County Council. If this was not forthcoming, the Village Green could provide an alternative venue. Councillors greeted these ideas very favourably and Mrs. Payne said that once the feeling of the village as a whole had been ascertained, the Council could make application for the road closure. Farmer Mr. Peter.Howell once again urged the Council to carry out hedge cutting on Cathedral Meadows where one of his fields was still being deprived of light needed for good hay production. Mrs. Payne said this would be discussed later in the evening. Mr. Peter Read of Station Cottages brought to the Council his concerns about the Station Yard development and the road access, both of which continue to be under discussion. The Council had received an amended plan for access arrangements, but it was far from clear and difficult to make out any details. There is confusion as to whether Breckland Council have or have not made a decision about the site; newspaper reports are at variance with a letter received by Mr. Read. The Parish Council feel that it is imperative that a site meeting be held with all interested parties.


Norfolk Property Services are continuing to negotiate for land for a new path to the school. Concerns about parking for drop off and pick up times for the school remain paramount and the Council feel that this i

ssue must be solved before any new path is constructed.


Village Green. A site meeting with Norfolk Property Services had been held and the Council feels there had been an encouraging response to the possibility of buying the Green. The Clerk read a letter containing information about "Queen Elizabeth 11 Fields for Communities" a scheme to mark both the Golden Jubilee and the Olympics, with access to development funds. The Clerk was asked to register interest in the scheme and ask for clarification on whether it applies to existing or new sites.

Cathedral Ruins: The entrance gate has been mended and strimming of brambles is to be carried out.

Cathedral Meadows: Regarding Mr. Howell's request for hedge cutting, the Council agreed to carry out an immediate site meeting to re-assess the problem.

Prince William Wood : Concern was expressed about the fire risk posed by the piles of brushwood still present in the wood. The problem will be investigated and hopefully dealt with.


Mrs. Payne had carried out a survey of the village lights and all were working correctly. The glass in many cases was very dirty and obscured by dead insects, but it was difficult to know what could be done about this until maintenance was carried out.


Councillor Fletcher is in contact with the department responsible for the salt bins and will monitor the filling should we have more bad weather.

The possible road closure for a Royal Wedding Street Party was discussed. It was felt that a longer section that that proposed might be necessary, and the Village Green could be a good alternative. Mrs. Payne will discuss with Mrs. Graves.


The AGM had been held. Mrs. Eva Marsh will be retiring from the committee and therefore a new trustee from the Parish Council is required. There were no major problems with the building and the main emphasis will be on insulation. Guides, beavers and cubs groups who use the hall are all flourishing.


There had been some damage to two of the pavilion windows which will be repaired. No perpetrators had so far been named.


Following a meeting with a representative of this scheme, a taster session is being organised on the playing field on May 8th. The Tennis Club had offered to run a barbeque and other refreshments could be available in the pavilion.


There had been a lack of information about these collections over the holiday period. Councillor Groom had investigated and as a result time tables which had not previously been delivered have now been distributed and the cost of the "lost" two collections will be accounted for in next years payments.


Mrs. Smith has informed the Council that she will be giving up this position at the end of April.


This will take place on Wednesday May 4th, to be followed by the Parish Council Elections on May 5th. The date of the first meeting of the new Parish Council has yet to be decided.