Parish Council Report March 2011

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The Parish Council met in the Sports Pavilion; seven parishioners and Mr. Bill Borrett, County Council and District Councillor attended, with Caroline Payne in the Chair.

In public participation time, Mr. Peter Read asked if there had been any further news regarding the proposed development at Station Yard. Mrs. Payne said that no further information had been received and people were concerned about the lack of consultation and unavailability of access to the appropriate web site. Mr. Borrett said that Breckland Council were in fact changing their systems whereby information was distributed. Regarding the matter of the Station Yard development, the planning application was coming back to Committee on Monday 7th March. Mr. Borrett was then asked if this meeting could be deferred until such time as there had been an open meeting with an understandable plan for inspection and he agreed to make this request to the Department. Councillor Groom suggested that,

if deferral of the meeting was not possible, the committee might be asked to defer a decision. The Clerk will write to the Chairman of the Planning Committee.


Mrs. Linda Richmond updated the council on the proposed distribution of the Parish Plan. A further period of condensing down was needed to arrive at a manageable size for general distribution. Councillors had received a preliminary copy of the report and there was criticism about how the Parish Council had been represented within it. It was agreed that a combined meeting of councillors and the planning committee would be helpful and this will be arranged.

Mr. Mark Tasker said that he was aiming to position protective logs at the Village Sign car park during the second week of April and advanced warning signs would be put in place regarding the closure of the park for the required time. Mr. Tasker also informed the Council that the Community Farm was interested in renting 30 allotment plots on land that he understood was shortly to become available and a letter for the Annie Mary Smith Trust was handed in for consideration. It was explained to him that matters regarding the land were still in the hands of solicitors and it would eventually be put out to tender. It was felt that it would be helpful if the exact terms of the Annie Mary Smith Will could be made known to the Council.

Mrs. Susan Graves said that there had been positive responses to the idea of a Street Party in Eastgate Street on April 29th and plans would go ahead. The Council agreed to make the application for street closure to the Highways Department.

The Council Meeting was then convened.


Mr. Borrett said that he had been in contact with Pat Bond of Norfolk Property Services and that in principle the Green is for sale. NPS will submit valuations for two separate lots. It was agreed that the Council should seek its own valuations and ask for independent advice after quotations are received.


A site meeting took place with Nathan Harris of NPS who said they were in negotiation with landowner Mrs. Mark. Questions about the Oak Avenue ransom strip were also asked. Right of entrance to the Green from the strip is restricted to pedestrians and cyclists.


Cathedral Meadows - a site meeting had been held and the Council has agreed that the hedge causing concern to Mr. P. Howell will be cut in the early Autumn. Advice has been taken from the Breckland Tree Officer and the Countryside Commission. Mr. Howell has been informed of this decision and in his reply has agreed to cooperate in making the railway line footpath passable.

Broom Green - Concern has been expressed by a parishioner about litter along the roadside, and it was reported that builder's material had been dumped near the old railway embankment. The Highways Department is to be contacted.

Prince William Wood - the piles of brushwood left after recent clearances have now been successfully burned.


Following complaints about continuing problems with blocked drains in the village, the Highways Department has reported that contractors had failed to carry out work as requested. This will be rectified as soon as possible. It has been reported to the Council that, by erected some railings, Peddars Way has obstructed access to the Village Green from Spencers Close for wheelchair users. The Clerk will write to Peddars Way asking if a suitable gap could be left for this purpose. It has also been reported that the drop kerb opposite the Surgery entrance is rather steep and slippery, causing problems for wheelchair users. This will be taken up with the Highways Department.


A brief visit was made by PCSO Charlie Stone at the beginning of the evening, who left the following list of recent statistics: Public phone calls; none. RTCs: 4. Antisocial behaviour; 2. Suspicious circs; 1. There had been I crime (unidentified), one theft and one burglary at a dwelling. She continues a regular patrol.


It had been agreed to increase pavilion hire charges for sports organisations to £20. The contractor who deals with can re-cycling banks is ceasing operations. Breckland Council will be contacted for suggestions for a new collector.


The steering committee is now awaiting an estimated price.


The bushes have now been pruned and a letter of thanks will be sent to Mr. Terry Maidstone, thanking him for doing the work.


The Clerk read out details of nomination procedures for the election on May 5th. Five of the present councillors indicated that they are not intending to stand for re-election and a sixth is still indecisive. Twelve nominations are necessary for an election to be held. Packs for applicants will be available from the Clerk and these must be returned by the fixed time of 12 noon on Monday 4th April. The Council very much hopes that the necessary number of candidates will be found to contest an election.

The Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Parish Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday May 4th. The first meeting of the new Parish Council will be held on Thursday May 12th.